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CUSTER'S GATLING GUNS Custer left the Gatling guns behind and for good reason. Bringing them would have greatly slowed the march. In all likelyhood, there wouldn’t have been a battle...

BOUNDING OVERWATCH A common tactic for Cavalry at the time of Custer, was deploying 1 Battalion to lay down fire while a reserve Battalion formed up and got ready behind. When things started getting hairy...

ORDER CUBES I love using written orders in games. It adds so much depth and fun. Some players however, hate the idea of using them. It just ‘seems’ like too much fuss. This got us thinking… Is there a simple way to simulate the delays and effects of real Kriegspiel written orders? Instead of written orders, how about some kind of simple order chit system?



Welcome!  Besides being great fun, games also teach.  We focus on games that teach leadership skills:

Games for Commanders

Our stunning games not only look great but are highly acclaimed for design and most importantly:

game play. 


Stunningly Detailed Historical Maps!


 What is Supremacy?

It is a classic grand strategy board game.  Six superpowers battle it out for economic, political and military dominance with one slight catch:  Nukes.  Yep, think Risk with ICBMs.


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Benefits of Playing Board Games Benefits of Playing Supremacy

We Believe That:

Complexity does NOT equal Realism.

The rules should be simple. Game strategy and interaction with other players is the part that should be complex.

Players should not have God like knowledge and control over the battlefield.

Much like real life, players must face the unknown and learn to adapt to chaos and unexpected outcomes.

The best part of a game is the live interaction with another player.

Not looking up rules and numbers on tables.




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Why play games?


What makes a game fun? Moving up a level by accumulating a bunch of points?  Building something complex through a bunch of tedious, repetitive work?  Reading a bunch of complex rules and figuring out how the game is supposed to be played?  Finding the ‘perfect’ strategy and executing it properly? 

We believe that the real fun is People. Not the game.  Not the rules. 

To Learn

What do you want to learn? A bunch of complex game techniques in a 30-100 page fine print rule book?  Things like ZOC, LOS, CRTs, DRMs and Command Points.  How does that help you in life?  What does that have to do with history?  Some wargames delve into the complexity of weapon systems.  They read like engineering technical manuals.  There is a place for this if you want to learn how certain weapon systems interact with each other.  What does this teach about leadership?  Command?

Our games focus on Command.

The original lure of wargames was: What if YOU were in command?  Could you have won at Gettysburg?  Most wargames bear little resemblance to command.  They are more like engineering exercises in mathematical odds analysis or accounting.  What is the perfect move for a game that has the highest calculated odds to win?  Lets play it 20 times to find the perfect plan.  Real leaders only get 1 chance to fight a battle.  Robert E Lee wasn’t worried about hex grain or zocs at Gettysburg.

Rather than teaching you to be a worker, accountant or mathematical engineer, we like games that teach Command Skills. Leadership & Communication.  Skills like:  Analysis, Planning, Decision Making, Teamwork, Clear and Effective Orders, Negotiation, Persuasion, Diplomacy, Alliance Building.  Maintaining Confidence, Vision and Persistence in the face of adversity and fear of the unknown.


The 2nd American Civil War:  Red vs Blue


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