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Battle of the Bulge -scale

What scale of units works best for Battle of the Bulge?

Well it’s a cold snowy day in December.  Christmas is just around the corner.  The perfect time to have a cup of hot tea and work on our new Battle of the Bulge game!

This is just a crude, graphics / color test;  not the final game.  We do have the map scale and scope worked out.  I’m wondering what size of pieces work best for this map?

Each piece represents a Division.  These blocks are half Pub Battles size:  1″ x 3/8″.  The Germans are represented with the correct starting OB here.  The Allied forces are not!  I just put a few random blocks down on the map for a reference.

Our other option is to use small Kriegsspiel sized blocks.  These are about half the size of the big ones above:  1/2″ x 1/4″.


Of course the Allied blocks would be sized down to match the Germans.

Which would work best for the game?  Leave us a comment!


One thought on “Battle of the Bulge -scale

  1. Would the smaller kriegspiel pieces still represent divisions as do the Pub Battle size pieces? The smaller pieces have the advantage of avoiding confusing placement on the map ( is that unit in a forest or just alongside? Is this unit straddling a river or on one bank or the other?) and would probably offer flexibility in strategizing offensive and defensive operations.

    On the other hand, the larger style pieces would have the advantage of easier handling ( physically moving the pieces around the map) and would allow more informational details to be printed on each piece ( or larger imagery).

    I think I’d vote for the smaller, kriegspiel format.

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