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Who did the amazing graphics?



Aaron Wood!!  We are lucky to have Aaron working with us.  I can’t say enough good things about him.  He does amazing work.  He is quick and very knowledgeable about both graphics and printing.  He is wonderful to work with.  Lots of ‘professionals’ only focus on how much time they have to spend and how to charge you more.  Aaron actually works with you and focuses on the project.  He brings his own ideas to the table but he also listens and tries to adapt what your needs and concerns are.  He also has the rare ability to stand up and tell you when he thinks you are just flat out wrong.  (I know but it only happened once last year)  🙂

We love working with Aaron but he does work independently, so you can work with him too!  We highly recommend him for all of your graphics and printing needs.  Check out some of the work he has done here.

You can reach Aaron here:


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