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Supremacy -Second American Civil War: Red vs Blue


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Important:   This is NOT a stand alone game.  You must have the main game:  Supremacy 2020 to play this expansion kit.

The Second American Civil War:  Red vs Blue

The tension between Democrats and Republicans has been building for decades.  Both sides becoming more extreme and uncompromising.  America has once again become deeply divided politically by state.  There are many festering political issues this time:  Abortion, Gun Control, Crippling Social Programs, Class Warfare, Skyrocketing Debt and Wealth Disparity.  All these powder kegs just waiting for a spark.

As the nation teeters on bankruptcy and the dollar collapses, California secedes.  Washington, Oregon, Chicago and the North East join them, embracing Socialism.  The Republican government relocates to the safety of Texas to avoid the chaos and riots in DC.  The rural, heartland, red states stand firm against the Socialist coasts. 

The Blue states are not as week as they at first appear.  The collapse forces a long needed financial reset.  The Blue controls considerable financial assets and power along the coasts including key ports which allow access to critical resources abroad:  if they can keep the shipping lanes open.

The Red states have fewer resources over all but control most of the military and oil.  They must use this advantage to strike hard and quickly annihilate the Blue coastal strongholds, before the Blue economic advantage and Naval blockades strangle the Red rebels in a manner very reminiscent of the first Civil War.  Only this time, with nukes.


This is a tense and fast playing 2 player scenario.  Perfect if you are short on time and players.  It includes rules and a small sheet of stickers to apply to American pieces.


This expansion also includes a complete set of Yellow pieces (Armies & Navies) for a new Superpower:  Brazil.  This exciting new power (and member of BRIC) can completely mix up the strategic balance you have unknowingly grown accustomed to.

Comes with and extra Strategic Reserve card and markers.

Note:  if you were an original Backer an already have the Brazil pieces from Rising Crescent, let us know and we can substitute GITD Mushroom Clouds instead. 

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