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Supremacy Exp -Rising Crescent


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Important:   This is NOT a stand alone game.  You must have the main game:  Supremacy 2020 to play this expansion kit.

Terrorist Supremacy

With this all new expansion, the global struggle for Supremacy gets very messy as the Superpowers must contend with a new subversive power at play:  the Terrorist.

The Terrorist player can build special Terror Armies and Pirates, launch Suicide Attacks and steal nuclear weapons!  Terror Armies don’t preform well in a stand up fight against a Superpower but they do have special abilities:  Terror Armies can attempt to retreat before combat.  They can also infiltrate:  move into and through areas containing Armies without fighting.

The terrorists are insidious.  As the Superpowers expand and grow, the Terrorist collects money.  The harder the Superpowers pursue them, the more money they get.  They can never be defeated or conquered;  only beat down to a manageable size, for awhile;  at considerable expense.

Islamic Superpower

As the Terrorist player, you start with nothing:  No forces, no cards, no money.  Starting with nothing, you can certainly grow into a major nuisance.

Do you have what it takes to unite all of the Islamic factions around the Middle East and grow them into a full blown Superpower?  A Superpower that just happens to be sitting on top of the world’s oil supply?


This expansion includes:

  • Rules
  • Full set of black pieces (armies & navies)
  • Extra Strategic Reserve card
  • Extra black markers.

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