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What is Pub Battles


A board game where 2-4 players battle for control of the Colonial capital in the American Revolution at Brandywine Creek.


To win, the Colonials must halt the British advance on their capital in Philadelphia. The British must crush the rebel army or quickly sweep them aside to open up a main road north.


British Objective


How Does it Work?

The Colonists setup first, anywhere north of the Brandywine.

Historical Setup

Historical Setup


The British must setup 1 wing on the other side of the creek.

Knyphausen's Wing

Knyphausen’s Wing

The Problem is:

The other British wing can enter anywhere along a map edge

to the east:


The south:


Or the west like Cornwallis did historically.


This puts the Colonial army in extreme danger!


They can move 1st and get into the woods and hills before the British do.



The British can weaken the rebel line with an artillery bombardment.



Attack with the King’s Guards!


Looks Like Fun!  How Do I Get it?






Where can I find more information?

Rules -Game Play- Tutorial


Rules Q&A

Optional Rules

Mike’s Pub Battles Blog

Board Game Geek



Why is it called Pub Battles?

Because this rugged and beer proof game is designed to be played out! Setup and finish a game in less than 1 hour.  Perfect to play at your favorite park, restaurant, café or pub. 

It is simple and quick enough to introduce new players into the hobby; yet it has the depth of strategy, historical accuracy and realism that veteran gamers will enjoy. 

This looks very cool but I don’t play games.

We’ve been finding that even non-gamers love this. It looks great set up in your study or office.  A great gift for anybody interested in military history.  Many of our play testers framed the map to display as art.  It is also a great reference aide while reading your favorite books on the battle. 

-That said, it is another amazing game design turned out by our highly acclaimed design team. If you are into games, the rules and game play are as beautiful at it looks. 




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