Move Update

We got our stuff!!  We’ve been unpacking and getting things setup this week.  All our main equipment made it in one piece and seems to be working now!  We are getting close.  It is looking like we will be ready to start rolling again on Monday!

We have a ton of back orders to go through now.  We’ll start cranking through them in the order we received them.  We still see some delays in shipping but it looks like it is getting better.

Thanks again for your patience and support.  It won’t be too much longer now!



Hey everybody! Just a quick update on the progress of our move. +

First off, no we are not out of business!! Sales for us have been very strong this year. We are growing and doing well. Looking forward to getting up and running again once we get all of our stuff.

The contractors got everything done in time but our closing got bumped back a couple of weeks by the banks. That should have been the easy part. Go figure.

The movers loaded up all our gear and put it into storage temporarily. They loaded it all up and moved it to our new location a few weeks ago. Fine but there it still sits. :/

They are having trouble finding enough movers in this area to unload it right now. I’m not sure why. The virus may have some impact. So they bumped back our unload date to September 16th. I know!! We’ve been raising a ruckus over it but there doesn’t seem to be anything they can do.

Very sorry for the delay everybody. We certainly aren’t happy about it either. They have all our personal furniture and belongings too. So we’ve been camping out in our new house with air mattresses, camp chairs and cardboard boxes for furniture!! lol… Moving is always an adventure huh?

Well, it gives us a little extra time to clean and paint before the gear rolls in. We can be glad of that. We have been trying to anticipate the supplies we’ll need in advance so we’ll be ready once it arrives. We just got a shipment of paper, canvas and printer parts today.

Great example of how logistics can easily grind a whole operation to a halt. No worries. We’ll be up and on the offensive again soon. Hopefully within a couple of weeks now.

I know it’s frustrating when you ordered something new and it gets delayed. I want it right now!!! I can’t wait anymore. =) Thank you all for your support and patience.