All New Supremacy 2021!

The all new edition of Supremacy is now available for Pre Order! Should be a short wait. We are hoping to begin shipping in about a month!

What’s New in this edition?

First off, all new minis!!!!

We love these things! We had planned to do these with our original Kickstarter but it was just too expensive then. Looking back, I’m glad we waited. These ended up much higher quality than we could have done back then anyways.

Let’s see, what’s next? Ah, new tracks along the bottom of the map! No more tedious change counting for constant transactions. It’s kind of cool for your first game to have a fist full of $100 billion and $1 trillion dollars bills but that gets old quick when you have to count change. This cuts a lot of work out of the game. More time to focus on the fun parts.

Now this 1 track along the bottom tracks everything in 1 convenient place. No more Strategic Reserve cards getting jostled around. This frees up a lot of table space. I really like how you can now see at a glance what everybody has. Everybody’s resources and missiles are now all on the same big track:

All new rules. Combat has been streamlined and simplified. Lots of little changes that bring this back to basics. There are several new optional rules that you can add in now. My favorite is the Alliance rule!

You’re my Ally? Ok, good because now it really counts. Guess what? You can’t suddenly backstab and attack an Ally. It is against the rules!!! You must formally withdraw from the Alliance first. That gives me a turn to get ready.

Next, we have real terrain. It adds a lot of realism with very little complexity. This gives the Defenders an advantage while defending in mountains, jungles, etc. As it should be.

What are all those blue lines? That is a monsoon weather zone. Bad weather can greatly hamper conventional operations in different zones depending on the time of year:

Playing with these rules gives you a lot more realism and accuracy for a ground war. This is very fun to play as just a conventional world war game without any of the nukes.

These new rules aren’t very complicated. They are also optional, so you can still play a clean and quick, classic game format for new players.

We expect high volume on this. We will ship them in the order we receive them. We’ll be buried here for awhile but will do our best to get them out in time for Christmas.

Yes, we are revamping all the expansions as well. First out will be new Minors. We are going to combine this with Fortuna. New Terrorists minis for Rising Crescent. Also a new Boomers & Bombers with minis to fill our the nuclear triad. Those are all in the works. I’d expect to see those coming out by spring. We have to work through this new release first. We’ll get there! =)

You can Pre Order here:

17 thoughts on “All New Supremacy 2021!”

  1. Just ordered the game looks great can’t wait to receive it. All the expansions will it be new miniatures for them too?

    • Good question, we’ve been discussing this. Our first priority is to get the new games out. Once we get caught up, we’ll look at this closer.

      The pieces are all new. So are the rules. The map is new. By the time you get those, there wouldn’t be much savings. The cards have an improved format but are mostly the same. The clouds are the same.

  2. Really looking forward to getting my hands on this. I have a group that love big strategy games (think Twilight Imperium) and this should go down well. Now all I have to do is convince a couple of national postal services to talk to each other!!

    • Yes! I’m sorry about that. I checked again recently. Australia is still showing up on our suspended list. They mentioned something about starting limited shipping to Sidney now. Hopefully it will clear up soon!

  3. Hi – I am excited for this. Money has been tight, but I will get it sometime this year. 🙂

    Originally I thought you were removing the money and using a resorce only ecconomy. It looks like the money is back (along with the delicious debt and bankruptcy)! Any major changes to how the money works?

    • We thought about going to resource only. We tested it.

      We dropped the cash but we still use ‘money’ the same way. It speeds things up a lot. You don’t have to count out change for every transaction. It is much easier and faster to just move a couple of meters up and a couple of meters down the track.

      We did adjust a little how the resources work. It makes more sense now. You use Minerals to fire in combat. Oil to move. Grain to feed your troops each turn.

  4. Hi everyone, some doubts and sugestions about Supremacy 2021 …
    1) Do you ship this product to Brazil ? I like this game, I have the original one from 1980’s … maybe an upgrade will be fine, rsrsrs …
    2) Do you plan to make an online version of this game ?
    3) If so, could I suggest to you an user experience like they made in “Governor of Poker 3” to bring players together? It will be more easy to find other people to play it …
    4) To bring more people to play it, I recommend to you to sponsor in these youtube channels (it will be better if you have the online version), please, do these two searchs: “tik history oil” and “wendover productions logistics”. Probably the people, like me, who listen to this type of content, will have more will to, at least, to try to play this game, I think the content of these videos and of the game are related.

    This is not a spam! Rsrsrs! Thank you!

  5. Are there any plans for a Print and Play version like there was with Supremacy 2020? I’m really wanting to get my hands on 2021 but the price tag is a bit much and I’m willing to sacrifice the miniatures for a lower price.

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