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Blown Away!


So……    everybody’s been waiting to hear how is it?

Here are some emails we’ve been getting from backers:

Marshall, the Brandywine game is all you’d promised and more.  The maps are beyond beautiful:  they are the finest looking wargame maps I’ve seen in all my 38 years of wargaming.  The dice, the pieces, the stickers, the gold foil, the rules and the Terrain Effects chart – all superb in every way.  This is the kind of game I’ve been looking for for 38 years.  Even my wife – a nonwargamer, as all wives are – said she was genuinely impressed.  She was completely taken with the canvas map.


I’d noticed that someone had complained somewhere about the tube delivery and rolled up map and rulebooks.  I wanted to tell him, “Man, get outta here!  Go get a life!”  Fortunately, you, in your diplomatic way, were kinder in your comments to him than that.  Besides, I love the tube; it is a perfect repository for the map when I’m done playing a game (or simply done gawking at it).  And, besides, the map, being canvas, rolls out of the tube almost perfectly flat anyway.


I anxiously anticipate my first game.  I love the simple rules and the format in which they are presented.  Other than all this, gull2112 wrote a review today on Kickstarter after receiving his game that says so perfectly what many of us no doubt feel about the intuitive nature of the rules and the feeling of being in command of the whole field of one’s forces.  I suspect you’ve read it, but, if not, you must read his excellent review.  It will bring a smile to your face.


As a model railroad hobbyist, I recall the highest compliment I ever heard about the best train maker I know, a man in London:  “He is a tiger on quality control.”  So I think must you be.


I am totally on board with your future projects, especially the Gettysburg one I’m reading about, but for now I’m going to just be content with this splendid Brandywine creation.  Thank you so much for all your hard work.  I’ll gladly pay $100 for a game like this any day than 50 or 60 or 70 for something as far inferior as are most wargames out there.


Best regards,



The game is fantastic!

Just received it today.


I was a Kickstarter supported.

Please make sure you email me whenever you have a new campaign(I travel quite a bit!).

Many, many thanks



Needless to say that as the Second Official Kickstarter Backer but the First to Pledge for the two game set, I am extremely excited to let you know my games arrived in the mail today!!! Though one remains open, the other has already been opened, drooled over and as soon as I finish this email, I’m off to read the rules.


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