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Diplomacy Anyone?

We used the new diplomatic kit in our game last weekend.  China (Gabe) started by seizing my (Russia) company in N. Manchuria and a US (Em) company in Canton.  We protested.  We threatened.  We begged.  Nothing.  China’s response?  – “meh”.

It was the first turn of the game.  I wasn’t looking to get into a major war with China right off the bat.  It would take a turn or 2 before the US could get over here.  What else could we do?  We Denounced China!  :0

I wrote up a formal Denouncement of Chinese aggression.  I demanded the return of both my company and the US company, along with payment of $2TL in damages/reparations.  I handed it to the US.  Em immediately signed it.  I then handed it to Gabe.

He was shocked, dismayed.  He immediately offer us everything we asked for and profusely apologized.  Em wasn’t having anything of it.  Smelling blood in the water she responded, “Well you should have offered us that when we asked for it last time.  Now it’s going to cost you more!”  -She’s a tough negotiator!  Gabe pleaded and begged.  Even offered her twice the money but to no avail.

What changed?  What does a Denouncement do?  Absolutely nothing.  It has no game effect.  It is just a formal document in writing of the same thing we already did verbally:  demand our companies back, or else!

Em and I were shocked.  She smiled and winked at me.  I guess it’s the power of the written word.  Who knew?

I think the Diplomatic Kit can be a great tool for new players.  Often times, new players aren’t sure what to do.  They don’t know what they can do!  They aren’t sure how to jump into the negotiations.  What to ask for?

The Diplomatic Kit gives them options.  You don’t like what just happened?  You can declare war.  You can make a formal denouncement and get other players to sign on.  You can write up a formal alliance against a threat.  Can’t you do all these things without the Kit?  Yes but in the moment it’s easy to forget about what you can do.

I’d really like to see these worked into our online game.  It’s a great tool for communication.  They prompt  you with a list of options.  Options besides just nuking everybody!  As fun as that can be sometimes.





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