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Dracula Strikes

Ok, so Dracula is outnumbered 6:1. 
How can this possibly be a game?
How does the game work?  Movement / Combat?

The best way to answer these questions is to show you an example of a move and a battle:


End of Turn 2   

Dracula’s situation already looks hopeless.  Targoiste has fallen and another Muslim army is approaching Castle Dracula.

Dracula’s better HQ has allowed him to move last. He starts with only 4 troops. Each player can spend 3 Movement Points (MPs) during their turn.   



Dracula Recruits new 4 new Troops with his first MP. 


For his 2nd MP, he moves down into the mountains.  Only Dracula can move into and through mountainous areas.  


He moves into Targovistie with his 3rd MP.  This starts a battle.


The Muslims can only group in 2s.  Dracula can group in 4s.  Each Group must first successfully Search before they can join the battle.  Muslims must roll 2 or less, Dracula:  4 or less.  

Dracula’s first Group fights the 2 Muslim Groups in the battle.

 They both take losses:

Dracula’s 2nd Group can surprise attack Muslim Groups that failed their roll.  

This means the Christians fire 1st! The other Muslim Groups do not participate in this round. They can attempt to search again at the beginning of next round.

After a 2nd round of combat, the surviving Muslims retreat to Pitesti.  Dracula’s army is reduced to 4.

For Turn 3, Dracula uses his HQ to jump ahead and move first!  He spends his 1st MP to recruit new Troops in Targovistie.  

Next, he moves back up into the mountains.  

Finally, he descends out of the mountains to strike at his next victim.  

The armies here are exactly the same as the battle at Targovistie.  The outcome is very likely to be just as disastrous for the Muslims.  

2 Muslim armies destroyed in 2 turns.  Only 4 more to go!  

Additional Dracula Tricks

  • Castles:  Dracula can also defend in Castles, forcing the Muslims to either lay Siege (costing time) or Storm the Castle in an assault (costing lots of troops).  
  • Impalement:  Dracula can also Impale the dead and even his own Troops.  Muslim Groups entering an area with Impalements must role a morale check.  Groups that fail, run away!  Leaving only the brave to face off with Dracula in battle.

    Next you’ll be wondering how the Sultan’s team could possibly win!!

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