3 thoughts on “How to Use Kriegsspiel Dice”

  1. This is great, by the way. I can see how Pub Battles was created based off the Kriegspiel model. At Pub Battles scale (Corps and division) such detailed combat would be cumbersome for most players, so it has been streamlined, to great effect.

    However, if folks want to take the time (and space!), the Kriegspiel dice look great, and really make the battle come alive at that scale.

    I’m intrigued!

    • Yes! Pub Battles is very closely modeled off of Kriegsspiel. Even the supporting units. We just have faster turns and 1 big piece instead of 4 little ones to speed it up.

      What stands out to me now is how defenders can run away if ‘attacked’. I remember wargamers having an issue with that. We aren’t used to that in modern games.

      In Pub Battles, that can only happen with the right chit draw. In Kriegsspiel, it can ALWAYS happen. There is only ever a fight it both sides want to.

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