Disaster at Little Bighorn

This is our first After Action Report, from a Backer on Little Bighorn.  It was a DISASTER!!

The game took 1 hour, including sorting out all of the little cubes, glancing at the rules, and then playing the entire game.

He took Custer and a fake Mathey north along the ridge (hoping to draw me toward Custer, as he told me later), while Reno and Benteen came across the river straight at the villages.  I sent two of my nations straight at Reno and Benteen, while the 3rd nation escorted the NCs toward the edge.

Reno and Benteen ran into bad luck.  As he realized afterward, he advanced too far from a good crossing place and then frontally charged my line. He forced most of my line to run, but killed only one, while I forced a couple of his to retreat, creating holes in his line.

Next turn, Reno went first, and began to pull back, but then I went next, and he failed Benteen’s roll. I swarmed behind Benteen and trapped a couple companies.  I then realized Custer was on his own and the 3rd nation moved straight toward Custer. The NCs (Non-Combatants) were all able to flee off the board.

Meanwhile, by the time Reno and Benteen were able to get to the river, they had both lost half their companies.  Warriors then poured across the river and trapped some of Custer’s companies and he ran back to join the remnants of Reno and Benteen.

He decided afterward that was perhaps a mistake.  By the time he decided to circle on hill tops, the damage was done.  He lost 9 of the 14 units, and the Natives lost about 9 units.

It was a disaster, and we laughed through the whole game!  It was just plain fun!


If you can scrounge up another few players, it gets even more fun because you can only ‘communicate’ with other players if your HQs are touching.  Intense and hysterical. 

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