Marengo in Minis

Pub Battles is a mixture between wargame and miniatures.  I’ve been meaning to get set of minis to use for Pub Battles, just to see how they look.  Somebody beat me to it!!

Check it out.  They are all set to Pub Battles scale and everything. 


3 thoughts on “Marengo in Minis”

  1. But now we are just playing miniatures. What I love about the system is it reminds me of all the history books…of the red and blue blocks that are printed in those books. If I wanted to play minis…I would play minis.

    Still, it is very imteresting how someone modified the system. 🙂

  2. The issue I always had with Pub Battles was the need for clear, thin, strong plastic blocks and/or bases, so that regardless if you are using miniatures or blocks you can see the map terrain underneath. I purchased the clear blocks from command post games, but there is no way to designate what the unit is without blocking the view of the terrain beneath. I experimented with using a color border around the outside edge of the block, but that gives one type of information, whereas we need several.
    My thought is to somehow make the 1 dimensional map 3 dimensional.
    Somehow flip it over and be able to see the terrain lines and maybe use putty or something to add the elevations?
    I would like to do this with my felt waterloo and gettysburg gaming mats from cigar box battles.
    Any ideas?

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