Mega Supremacy Event

Our first ever Mega Event and it is completely FREE!!    We are so excited. 

Supremacy is perfectly suited to be run as a Mega Game. In many ways, I think the system works better as a Mega Game. 

What is a Mega Game?  It is a large, multi-player event.  They often have 30-80 players in 1 game!  The countries are played by teams.  So you break the duties down by role:  President, Diplomat, General, Trader. 

I’ve always wanted to do this with Supremacy. The problem is always, where do you get enough players?  The Mega Game format solves this! 

More Players = More Fun

This is a Large Convention, Supremacy, Kriegsspiel and Roleplaying game all rolled into some big, crazy, wonderful mix.

Make it if you can. I know many of you are not in the area.  We will report on the results here on our site.  We hope to start doing regular events like this here in the Front Range area.  As this expands, we may be coming to your area!

If you would like to see a Mega Supremacy near you, email us your location.

How Does Mega Supremacy Work?

When and Where is this?


2 thoughts on “Mega Supremacy Event”

  1. I live near Nashville TN and would love to see a Supremacy Mega-event near me.
    I would even be willing to help organize / co-ordinate, if necessary.

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