Move Update

We got our stuff!!  We’ve been unpacking and getting things setup this week.  All our main equipment made it in one piece and seems to be working now!  We are getting close.  It is looking like we will be ready to start rolling again on Monday!

We have a ton of back orders to go through now.  We’ll start cranking through them in the order we received them.  We still see some delays in shipping but it looks like it is getting better.

Thanks again for your patience and support.  It won’t be too much longer now!


6 thoughts on “Move Update”

  1. Congratulations. Looking forward to more updates! There’ll be an order for Germantown in the offing as soon as it’s ready…

  2. Impatient to see, buy and play Austerlitz & Chancelorville, Fredericksburg. !! (Yet I just not know what happen for Manassas….) .
    Could you tell us sometimes the progress of the game’s work ? Or the news about the projects ? Even with some pictures. I’m sûre the community want to know more !!!!

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