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Gettysburg:  Shall I Advance?

Military Strategy Board Game of the turning point battle of the Civil War at Gettysburg.

Before Pickett’s disastrous charge, he turned to Longstreet and asked,

George Pickett

“General, shall I advance?” Longstreet looked away. 


Pickett asked again, “General, shall I advance?” Longstreet, unable to speak, bowed his head with a nod. In the next 30 minutes, the Confederates lost nearly 9,000 men.

Includes the East Cavalry Field and Variants for Stonewall Jackson and JEB Stuart being there.

Rated Most Realistic & Accurate for:

• Command & Control limitations
• Fog of War -hidden units and chaotic move order
• Logistics -deployment crucial to victory and keeping your forces able to fight.

Used to train officers in the US military and in military academies around the world.

What the Professionals Play

Great for teams and solitaire play.

• Period style map.
• Kriegsspiel style, hardwood pieces.

Learn more about the Pub Battles system.

Get the No Block Version and save by reusing the same Standard Blocks for all of your battles.  Long blocks:  33 Fed, 38 Reb

Paper maps are folded in a game box.

Canvas maps come rolled in tubes.

Real maps of the period were printed on canvas.  This authentic, premium map is tough, durable and beautiful.  Printed on 100 year, museum quality, archival canvas.  It is water resistant, spill proof and lays flat and smooth.  Truly a work of art.  


East Cavalry Field

Stonewall Jackson What-If Bonus pieces and Scenario

Expanded map covers the surrounding area, allowing you more freedom to explore alternate strategies and maneuvers. 

Most games only cover area in red.


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3 reviews for Gettysburg

  1. admin

  2. Robert Caplinger

    Like this like I like Guns of Gettysburg…but simpler to play, and teach guys and kids as well who don’t read rules, and likely never going to. Chit draw leaves each game a new direction, yet very historical. Play this and you can play any games in series and enjoy over and over, switching sides and wanting to do better and try with other side. Course I enjoy my Johnny Rebs.

  3. Jeffrey Evans (verified owner)

    I bought this game before going to Gettysburg, mainly because I thought it would help get the family amped up about the trip….I was right! The game itself is stunningly beautiful! I did splurge and get the canvas map, I’m glad I did, it’s just outstanding! All of the components are top quality, the tube stores everything nicely, tho as a gamer, storage on the shelf is an issue. Game play is good, replay is also good for a game based on a specific battle. It’s faithful enough to the battle, yet simple enough for a non war gamer to play….

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