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This Kriegsspiel Scenario Kit allows you to fight the historical battle of Brandy Station from the American Civil War.  It is designed for use with the Prussian Army, Reisswitz Kriegsspiel rules –not included, but you CAN also play this with Pub Battles rules, with the Battalion Scale adaptation -included.

    Battle:  Union Cavalry attack JEB Stuart in a surprise raid at the beginning of the Gettysburg campaign.  Confederates scramble to form a defense in this fast moving Cavalry Battle.

Players:  1-2 Confederate players, 1-2 Union players and 1 Umpire. 

Components List

  • Umpire’s Guide for running the battle.
  • Detailed OB to record losses.
  • Initial Operation Orders.
  • Debriefing Questions -great for AAR discussion or classroom assignments.  
  • Map: 24″ x 24″  (huge)  Scale:  16,000:1   -This IS Pub Battles scale.  It works better to fit this battle.  We can make true 8,000:1 scale maps of this but they are HUGE.  They would be printed on 2 maps measuring 48″ x 24″ for a total playing area of 4′ x 4′.  Email us if you would like these maps.
  • Pub Battles Rules with Battalion Scale adaptation.
  • Optional Hardwood Kriegsspiel blocks with custom stickers.  Get the No Block Version and save by reusing Standard Kriegsspiel Blocks for all of your battles. 

Some Assembly Required

It Does NOT include rules.  You can get the official Kriegsspiel rule set from Too Fat Lardies.

Does NOT include dice or measuring device.  


Additional information

Set Options

Paper Map, Canvas Map, Paper Map, No Blocks, Canvas Map, No Blocks


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