Pirates! -Starter Kit


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Pirates! -The Devil & The Deep

Epic game of tense cat-n-mouse maneuvering, bluffing, negotiating and agonizing decisions in the Age of Sail and Pirates.


You’ll need to be resourceful to captain a ship in this miniature sea battle, full of uncertainty.

This isn’t about a bunch of rules, leveling up or solving a puzzle.  It’s about getting inside your opponent’s head, bluffing and outfoxing them!  It is Poker at sea.

  2-4.  Expandable by adding more ships.

Play Time:
  Quick!  1 hour for 2 players.  Can take longer with more players and a bigger table.

  Simple!   Only 3 pages of core rules make it quick n easy to learn and teach new players but don’t be fooled.  The strategy and player decisions are very deep & tricky!   -Play the people, not the rules.

  2 Schooners, 2 Sloops, rules and all the extras you need to get playing.  No map. Play directly on the tabletop.

Quick & Easy enough to Play Out:





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