Pub Battles Blocks


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SAVE by using one set of blocks for ALL the Pub Battles games!  This is a great way to learn and enjoy the Pub Battles system for much less.  

Hand write in your own unit designations on blank stickers.  Simply discard and make new stickers for the next battle.

Huge savings over time as you only need to buy the Scenario and Map for each battle.

This makes sense and it is actually more in line with how Kriegsspiel was traditionally played.  One generic set of Blue and Red blocks, that were re-used for all the different battles and scenarios.  

Note:  All Command Chits are now painted Black. 


Small Set

16 long blocks

5 HQs

5 Command Chits

Large Set

32 long blocks

10 HQs

10 Command Chits


Note:  All Command Chits now come in a standard black color.   -they are NOT in the color of the blocks. 


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Red, Blue, Grey, White


Large, Small