Quatre Bras


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Battle of Quatre Bras:

Unsure of Napoleon’s intent, Wellington ordered the Prince of Orange to assemble I Corps in Nivelles (north west of Quatre Bras, just off the map.)  The Prince of Orange however ignored his orders and instead decided to rush forward to Quatre Bras!  Was this reckless insubordination or a bold seizing of the initiative?

As Napoleon struck the Prussians at Ligny, Ney advanced on Orange’s I Corps and Wellington scrambled to concentrate his scattered army but where?  Should they fight forward at Quatre Bras?  Should they delay and assemble further north?  How far north?  Should they try to join the Prussians to the east or form their own defense of Brussels?

There are many fascinating, strategic possibilities of how to best respond here.  Little moves at the opening of a campaign can have huge effects later on in the final result.  Did the British do the right thing or did they just get lucky on this campaign? 

This map connects continuously to our Ligny and Waterloo maps with no gaps. -So you can accurately plot the march times between the battles along different routes.

You can play as a stand alone battle.  Better yet, combine it together with the other Waterloo maps for a whole campaign!  Excellent for 4 player games.  You can split the maps up on different tables out of sight from each other.  So the players on the left won’t know what is happening on the right.


Rated Most Realistic & Accurate for:

• Command & Control limitations
• Fog of War -hidden units and chaotic move order
• Logistics -deployment crucial to victory and keeping your forces able to fight.

Used to train officers in the US military and in military academies around the world.


What the Professionals Play

Great for teams and solitaire play.

• Period style map.
• Kriegsspiel style, hardwood pieces.

Age: 12+ Choking Hazard


Components List

  • Map, 24″ x 34″
  • Scenario rules with Setup
  • DOES NOT INCLUDE BLOCKS! All the pieces for this battle come with the Waterloo game.

Learn more about the Pub Battles system.

Waterloo Expansion:  This is NOT a stand alone game!

You must have our Waterloo game to play this.



Paper maps are folded and come in an envelope.

Canvas maps are rolled in tubes.

Real maps of the period were printed on canvas.  This authentic, premium map is tough, durable and beautiful.  Printed on 100 year, museum quality, archival canvas.  It is water resistant, spill proof and lays flat and smooth.  Truly a work of art.  



See the Waterloo page for more details.


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Paper Map & Scenario, No Blocks, Canvas Map & Scenario, No Blocks


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