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Six superpowers battle for global supremacy in this tense game of nuclear brinkmanship. Corner the market of vital resources in epic trade wars. Build powerful armies and navies to extend your power around the globe. Being the first to develop nukes will give you a huge edge but how long before others get them too? How can you still win with the stalemate of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD)? A full scale nuclear war can easily destroy the entire planet you are trying to conquer.

Being the first to develop and build an effective Anti Ballistic Missile (ABM) defense system can make you invincible but will the crushing debt of an out of control arms race bankrupt you first? To win, you will need a delicate balance of diplomacy, economic and military strength. Many strategies can lead to victory but only one superpower will achieve SUPREMACY.

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Includes: playing map, 40 armies, 12 navies and 9 meters each (x6 players), deck of 90 company cards, 12 mushroom clouds, 6 dice and rule book.

• Take over or destroy the world in this tense game of nuclear conflict
• Over 360 detailed miniature pieces  (-no generic poker chips!)
• Improved money track simplifies transactions and speeds up game play

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  1. Spencer (verified owner)

    I have been a military strategy gaming buff since I was a child, playing classics such as Stratego, Risk, Conquest of the Empires, Axis & Allies, Shogun, Fortress America, Chess and then of course, the original version of Supremacy. I think that in part (along with movies like Full Metal Jacket and Aliens) made me want to become a Marine infantryman and officer who served on (3) occasions in Iraq years later! I boasted all of the expansion sets (to include Boomer Subs, Main Battle Tanks, Neutron Bombs to name a few) but there was always an issue with generating income/capital from a rudimentary commodities market. So a couple of decades passed and finally, I discovered Command Post Games made a daring raid into this genre and revitalized Simpson’s epic creation to brought it to a whole new level. Since purchasing this game, I have realized the importance of an investment like this for a young person growing up in today’s society marred by Facebook, Tik-Tok, YouTube and countless other distractions causing them to know nothing of how geopolitics or the world in general works. I am playing it with my 6, 8 and 15 year old kids and it teaches military strategy (escalation, proxy wars, armies, navies, ICBMs, Star Wars), research & development, paying and feeding armies and protecting your vital resource companies, free market trade (supply and demand, loans, bonds), resources (oil, minerals and grain), mathematics (currency), geography (jungles, deserts, mountains, the seasons) as well as diplomacy/teamwork. You can do all of this and much more with Command Post Games’ re-imagining and it is one of my prized possessions (my family notwithstanding lol)! I cannot recommend this game enough…I have not only purchased the 2021 version, but also all of the expansion sets they offer to date. The great thing about this game is the dynamic is completely changed based on what resources are drawn at the outset, no two sessions are the same! This is unlike ANY of the games I previously named. The Fortuna and War on Terror sets add a completely new aspect to the game and I very much look forward to future sets for this game. If you are interested in passing countless hours of fun as well as knowledge to your children, this is the game for you!

    • admin

      That is a hell of a list for things to learn! =) I could add many more things to the list, like global trade, economics, wealth generation, tax base, limited natural resources, etc. How all that impacts global politics, international relations and tension that leads to war.

      Very sophisticated material to learn. What amazes me looking at this list, is that a child can play it. 😮 Incredible.

      They may not understand all these fancy labels adults put on the concepts but they can learn the rules and play. Simple. They get it too! They start to learn what all this is by experience. Absolutely the best type of learning there is.

      Most importantly, they are learning what leads to war and how to prevent them!

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