Pub Battles Orders Beta

We’ve been getting very good results with these rules!

We plan on including them in the new 4.0 Pub Battle rules we are working on. Here is a copy of them for you to download and test out; along with correctly scaled Order Sheets!

5 thoughts on “Pub Battles Orders Beta”

  1. I have become convinced that command post games reads my mind. I have this exact stuff written down for a now defunct video game project.

    Not much to say on the manner. Some stuff in my notes, that may pertain to this. I additionally have circular ‘LoAs’ for all around security.

    In the case of ‘LoAs’ that are shorter than the units combined frontage, then the exceeding units would be allocated make up a reserve (if the LoA is 2/3 of frontage) or a second line (if 1/2 as much).

    The limit on LoA length strikes me as being odd, and to long can be disadvantage if one has an obligation to defend it at equal intervals (between postings at the extreme flanks, if one wants to be harsh.) This is before play testing however, and am sure the limit was made to prevent exploiting the ‘freedom’ gained in maneuvering to the LoA and in counter attacking.

    • Great minds think alike!

      The LoA is to keep things real. Otherwise, players cheat around the orders by drawing the same LoA across the whole map for every Corps. :/

      Basically, it’s about 3 blocks long. You can always draw multiple LoAs.

    • Hey Doug! Great to hear from you. =) Yes, we LOVE these orders. Seeing lots of great things from them.

      I’ll email you the latest copy of the rules.

      Another thing we are doing is keeping the blocks hidden. I don’t know why we didn’t think of this earlier. ??

      Instead of turning the block face up when it is spent, flip it upside down: So the text is upside down. Always keep the blocks turned away from the opponent.

      Something else we like: Each player should secretly roll their own hits for combat. With these 2 changes, the opponent will never be sure of what exactly you have.

    • You know, what I like about these orders is that they are… ‘true’. I’m not sure what the right word is.

      I see so many games that have tons and tons of tricky tables and charts to navigate and levels of command points to track. Lots of player work that is supposed to ‘simulate’ C&C. After all that fuss and work, they still don’t really feel like what happens in the field.

      What we found is that it is easier to just do it like the military does! These rules are simple and they work. They nail the correct planning, decision making and delay. They take away a lot of the god like player control. You can’t just run around and do anything you want when it’s your turn to move.

      You can only do what you ordered previously. It’s all in motion now. You can’t just instantly change all that for 2-6 divisions.

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