Rules Clarifications

We had a fun game last weekend.  Some interesting rules issues came up I’d like to clarify.   I posted these on the rules page also which is another great resource to check on how things are supposed to work.

  • Can you give away money and resources?  Yes but only during the Private Trades part of the Trade Phase.  You cannot give away or work deals during the Combat phase.
  • Can production/income of Terrorist controlled Companies be blockaded?  Yes, the same as regular companies.  You might be able to smuggle some out on roads but this is very slow and expensive.  Same result.  Ask Iran.
  • If you give a player an ICBM can they produce them on their own after that?  No, they must still research them as usual to build on their own.

Here is another interesting situation that came up.  Japan invaded Taiwan.  They succeeded but left Japan vulnerable to invasion.  China took advantage and conquered Japan.  Japan didn’t have enough remaining strength to take it back.

The US came to the rescue.  The US Navy sailed over the Sea of Japan and destroyed the Chinese navy.  They then attacked and destroyed the Chinese armies in Japan with their fleet.  They didn’t actually have to land US armies there, just clear out the Chinese.

This resulted in saving Japan.  Conquest happens at the end of Combat.  What was the situation then?  Japan was vacant.  No forces at all.  This means control of Japan reverts back to the Japanese player because it is an unoccupied home area.  Japan was able to build new armies there and is back in the game.

The Chinese player (Curt) was not happy but used the same tactic when Russia (me) almost conquered him the next turn.  China counter attacked my forces in Shanghai with his navies.  With all my armies destroyed, control of Shanghai reverts back to China.

This is where an ICBM comes in handy.  I didn’t have one yet but the US (clint) did!  😉





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