Speed Supremacy

The economics: trade, loans, bonds, resource cards, market etc are fascinating.  This is one of the most remarkable things about Supremacy.  They make an incredible model of world trade.  All of these things however add a lot of time to play.  Sometimes, we just want to fight!

These rules dramatically speed up the game. All the economics are cut out and streamlined.  It’s all boiled down to just attack and build. 

With everything stripped out, the Victory becomes much more clear. It is all about growth.  If you sit and build, your score is ZERO.  You must attack. 


Each player should start with their regular forces but no money.


Ignore all Salaries for your companies.   Everything is now free!

Blockades and Seizures work the same.


Instead of producing resources, just collect $100 BL in cash for each resource you have in cards.  


For Example, if this is your total cards:         3 Min    5 Grn    3 Oil

Your Income would be:  $300 + $500 + $300 = $1,100 BL


There is no Trading, Loans or Bonds. 

Instead of Grain, spend $100 BL in cash to Feed every 10 armies / naives.    


Instead of paying resources to move and attack, pay $200 BL cash for the regular 3 moves / fires.  The Defender must pay $100 BL for a committed defense.   


Instead of paying resources to move, pay $100 BL cash.



Building now only requires cash, no resources:

Army / Navy     $100 BL

ICBM                $500 BL

ABM                 $1,000 BL

You must still research to get new Company cards and build ICBMs & ABMs. The cost is the same:  $200 BL per card you turn over.

Ending the Game

Record your starting production at the beginning of the game.

Your total score is:

Total Ending Production – Starting Production

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