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Field Marshals



Here is our Official List of Supremacy Field Marshals. We give special recognition to our original Field Marshal Backers who helped make all of this possible by presenting their names in bold blue.  We are forever in their debt.  Thank you!


How do I become a Field Marshal?

Help us promote Supremacy 2020! Here are some ideas:

-Demo Supremacy at a convention.

-Demo Supremacy at a game store.

-Host a game at home with friends.

-Review us or help promote us on gaming sites.

-Have other creative ideas? Let us know. If it helps, we’ll count it!


Document your above activities in photos and post them to your Facebook page (or other good social media) and let us know. Every time you do, you will earn a star and we will list you on this page!


What do I get out of it?General

When you earn 5 stars, we will send you the Field Marshal expansion FREE!   You will also get an official hand signed Field Marshal certificate with your printed name.


This expansion comes with official rules to add to the game. You get 2 gold star Field Marshal stickers for each color. These hidden Field Marshals (Generals and Admirals) can launch surprise attacks, defenses, withdrawals and provide a combat bonus.


This expansion cannot be purchased! It is FREE but only available through the Field Marshal program.


Did we miss you?

I know several of you have already done some of this for us before we started this program. No worries. We will count your past exploits. I’m sure we will forget a few over this last crazy year, so please remind us and we’ll be glad to post you. Your efforts were and are greatly appreciated.


Isaac Montgomery

Field Marshal Logo

Irving Sirotin






Field Marshal 4

Luke J O’Hearn

Jabby Lowe





Field Marshal 3






Field Marshal 2

Andrew Borelli

Barry Kendall

Brian Dowd

Christina Trapolino

David Readman

Geoffrey Delage

John Gardiner

Lars Backstrom

Michael W. McFall

Michael Zebrowski

Robert Thompson

Shannon Espinoza

Todd D. Degani



Alan H. Zacher

Brendan RobinsonField Marshal 1

Brian von Salloway

Brian Bosch

Brian M. Ware

Brian Dowd

Brian Edward Williams

Bruno Vilhena Pereira

Chris Barrett

E. Christopher Lloyd

Chris ‘Pepsiman’ Saguisag

Christopher C.

Damon C. Richardson

D R Seeley

Eric Brooke

Forrest Lacey

Greg Short

Geoffrey D Hurn

Hrach Shehirian

Vice Admiral Jack Brown

James B. Byrne

Jamie Lee

Jason F. Broadley

Jason Karr

Jeffrey Maslany

John L. Martin

Jim Mathis


JW Frenk

José E F Dantas

Joseph Boeke

Joe Rakosky

Justin Rulton

Ken Burt

Lorand Fodor

Marc Williams

Mat Sullivan

Matthew A. Dickey

Neal Family

Neil Coles

Nick Davis

Paul Sudlow

Randall S. Reitz


Robert Corbett

Robert Viener

Rogue Christian

Ross Grooters

Ryan Fuerst

Sebastian Hernandez

Samuel Tissier

SHADUS TAIN (a.k.a.: CM)


Steven L. Cowan

Steven Sartain

Subcommandante Walter Floth

Thomas Mackel

TM Romanelli

Timothy W. Wright

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