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AAR -Supremacy Fortuna

I really like the new Fortuna expansion.  It doesn’t look like much but boy does it make a difference.  Check out the recent AAR we got.  It almost sounds like the real world.  The new Fortuna rules really brings things to life.  It is my favorite expansion!


Supremacy 2020 – game imitating global geopolitics


Epic global diplomacy/war/economic trading as the European Union acted to save Africa and the Middle East from an outbreak and later invaded Poland, Syria and the Sudan, Japan lost its company in Venezuela as Chavez armed the nation with a black market nuclear weapon seized and nationalized their economy, whilst the Russian Federation angered by China’s arming the Koreans rolled their tanks into China, the Commonwealth were the only ones to develop nuclear weapons and launched into Beijing nuking the areas there and destroying the Russian army group and did a naval invasion of St Petersburg.

Meanwhile the Russians invaded Turkey from the Caucuses to take over the company there for resources. Since the early discovery of valuable oil in Iran, which was in precious short supply, had the Commonwealth arm the Shah of Iran in exchange for oil supply contracts to protect their interests there.

The USA, crossed the Rio Grande and took out Mexico’s forces with fighter air power and won the game through the highest net worth and wily diplomacy and economic development of companies around the world.

-Irving S