Field Marshal Program

With light at the end of the tunnel appearing in terms of production, we are finally able to start looking ahead to new projects and promotional ideas.

We are thinking of tying the Field Marshal program to Social Media promotions.  So, if you post pix of you and your buddies playing Supremacy 2020 on your FB page, we will give you credits.  What are these credits good for?  Here are our ideas:

  • Entries into a drawing for free products/coupons.
  • Stars and official rank promotion sheets to be emailed out.
  • A custom Field Marshal sticker that you could add to any piece.  Only you can use it.  You keep it face down until that piece gets involved in a combat.  Then you reveal it.  A Field Marshal will give you a +1 die roll modifier for all combat in that area.  If that piece is destroyed, it is out of that game.

What do you guys think?  Do you like these ideas?  Hate them?  Have even better ideas?  Let us know what you want to see.   -You can leave a comment or send us an email.

We are also thinking of posting an official page on our site of Field Marshals with their ranks.  For privacy, this will be on an opt in basis only.  If you want to be listed, let us know.   You may want to also consider an “online” name rather than your real one.  We are being watched by ISIS after all!