Field Marshal Program

With light at the end of the tunnel appearing in terms of production, we are finally able to start looking ahead to new projects and promotional ideas.

We are thinking of tying the Field Marshal program to Social Media promotions.  So, if you post pix of you and your buddies playing Supremacy 2020 on your FB page, we will give you credits.  What are these credits good for?  Here are our ideas:

  • Entries into a drawing for free products/coupons.
  • Stars and official rank promotion sheets to be emailed out.
  • A custom Field Marshal sticker that you could add to any piece.  Only you can use it.  You keep it face down until that piece gets involved in a combat.  Then you reveal it.  A Field Marshal will give you a +1 die roll modifier for all combat in that area.  If that piece is destroyed, it is out of that game.

What do you guys think?  Do you like these ideas?  Hate them?  Have even better ideas?  Let us know what you want to see.   -You can leave a comment or send us an email.

We are also thinking of posting an official page on our site of Field Marshals with their ranks.  For privacy, this will be on an opt in basis only.  If you want to be listed, let us know.   You may want to also consider an “online” name rather than your real one.  We are being watched by ISIS after all!

5 thoughts on “Field Marshal Program”

  1. I suppose it’s good to let people who are in to social media get incentives to spread the news. Personally, I won’t let a player apply that field marshal sticker. In my opinion, it wouldn’t be fair to put other players at a disadvantage simply because they didn’t post some images to Facebook.

    • I agree in not wanting my incentives to disadvantage other players. I don’t want this to be like MTG where the more invested players have an edge before the game even starts. But on the other hand, if I can post enough images to earn eight stickers, I can make one officer for each nation! So I think this is great, but make the reward system easy enough that we can get stickers for all of our guests.

      A second reason to want eight stickers is that they might not transfer easily. If i put the sticker on a CW army, and then next game I am playing USA, am I supposed to move the sticker? Maybe we should just get eight sticker all at once! We can share them or hoard them at our own discretion. Maybe the sticker should also come with an extra army, so if we do not use the (or don’t use all of them) it won’t affect each nation’s army inventory.

      Another application for these things is running tournaments at bigger cons. Suppose you have three tables for day one, and you decide that the top two scores from each game will make the final table on day two. The Field Marshal sticker could go to the player with the highest individual score in the qualifying round, making it an earned advantage. We can do the same thing with our custom fourteen-capacity supply centres.

      • Hey, that’s a good idea. I was wondering how to sort that out. Maybe you get a complete set of Field Marshal stickers that every player can use. It would be like a free expansion kit then, only you can’t buy it. You can only get one by posting pix and promoting.

        Does that sound more fair?

    • Chris,

      Ah!! Still?

      Thanks for your reality check. Fairness seems to really be a sticking point with people. It’s not a huge edge but still. I think it’s just the idea of it.

      • The stickers in and of themselves aren’t a bad idea. I would just rather incorporate them in to the game so that I don’t have to let people in on how to buff their units. For example, pay some resources or cash to have a unit get a veteran bonus or have a special army/navy called a commander that gives +1 in battle. Keeps it simple, keeps it in-game. That way, those who promote the game can get promotional items like cool stickers for laptops, t-shirts, mugs, etc.

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