Bull Run -Pub Battles Now Shipping!

This was a tricky battle to work with. Lots of unusual situations going on. There is a ton of replay value here. The map is huge! There are many possible strategies and ways this battle could have gone down.

Look at all the pretty colors!! Yeah, now which ones of those are ours?

We’ve also made this map to cover the ground for a Second Bull Run scenario. We are already working on this. There are lots of exciting possibilities for that battle too.

3 thoughts on “Bull Run -Pub Battles Now Shipping!”

  1. This battle is such a rush! The map is huge and you really have a wealth of strategies. Even the same strategy can play very differently because all the militia are so unreliable. How well you can manage the chaos, gamble on a final attack, or cut and run, it’s always a tricky decision.

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