Bunker Hill

Over Christmas break, we setup a little battle for Kriegsspiel. Something small and quick.  How about Bunker Hill?

We did a little research, found some maps and set it up:







The wooden blocks are ships at sea bombarding the peninsula.

In Kriegsspiel, we use real maps. This got me thinking about Pub Battles.  Could we make a Pub Battles:  Bunker Hill?  I think so.  We’d need to adjust the scale a bit.  Some were worried that is would be boring after the first play or so.  There isn’t much to do but attack the redoubt. 

True, unless the British can land anywhere and start attacking….   They took terrible losses at the battle.  Could that have been avoided?  Could they have defeated the rebels with light losses?  A big, British victory here might have prevented the entire war.

I think it could be a good game. What about you?

7 thoughts on “Bunker Hill”

  1. The map is really small here: 12″ x 12″.

    I wonder if this would make a good promotional demo game? This might make a really good game to demonstrate what wargaming and Kriegsspiel is all about.

    We have free meeting rooms at the Public Library. I’m almost thinking of running a demo game there just to raise awareness of our hobby.

  2. I think it could be a great “intro” type game. With Britsh able to land elsewhere and possible ammo resupply of the Americans, it opens up all kinds of possibilities.

  3. That’s a GREAT idea. It looks really cool but is portable enough to be playable in any small space. Name recognition is good on the battle, too, which I think is critical for a game introducing the hobby.

    • lol… Thank you for the feedback. We do listen and plan our new releases accordingly. 🙂

      At first, I didn’t think Bunker Hill would be much of a game. Just march up from the beach and attack. But then we decided to start the British in Boston. You have to load up on ships and decide where you land. Now it is very fun. Where do you attack with the British? Do you land with everybody or divide your force and land in 2 places? Where do you defend with the rebels? Where do you place your reserves? When do you commit them and how?

      There are many intriguing possibilities if you start from the beginning.

      We are hoping to get this design going next year!

  4. I am very excited about this scenario as I have an ancestor who fought at Bunker Hill and later at White Plains. It was a good idea to give the British options I think. Seems much more re-playable.

    • You know, we were talking about this last week. This could make a great stand alone game. You can play it with Pub Battles Battalion rules. It works great. The biggest issue seems to be the victory conditions.

      Specifically, the Brits landing on the neck and cutting off the Colonials. How do the Colonials win then? They’d have to clear the crossing and be able to retreat off the peninsula. In what time frame?

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