Commander MIA

Here is an interesting Kriegsspiel situation.  You never see this in regular wargames.  What if you lose contact with your commander?  What should you do? 


Our campaign began with our army dispersed wide over a province.  The enemy declared war and intell reports that a large enemy army has crossed the border and is heading our direction.


I received no starting orders.  Of my own initiative, I moved my Corps to a central location, in anticipation of a concentration.  I immediately sent a report to the Army commander informing him of my intent and planned march. 

I have been marching and fighting now for a week.  I have destroyed 1 enemy Corps and am about to attack and destroy a second.  I have been sending 1 Sit Rep every night to my Army commander.  Reporting on my daily events, enemy positions and strength, and my intentions for my next maneuvers. 


What is the response from the Army commander?  Silence.  I have yet to receive any orders or messages for the entire game.  What does this mean?  What should I do now?  What would you do?  Have I over stepped my bounds?  Am I going way too far?  Am I on the right track? 


We usually think of silence as peaceful and serene.  Here I find it fearsome and disturbing.    

One thought on “Commander MIA”

  1. What is the disposition of the enemy that you know? If you have destroyed one corps and still have enough freedom to attack a second, you are not their biggest priortity. If you are on the flank of enemy army, I would strike into the enemy’s rear in order to disrupt supply and distract forces from their attack. If you are not on the flank of the action, continue moving towards a point of consolidation.
    However, all that being said. In the absence of higher authority and with no commanders intent, you are the higher authory. Establish contact with adjacent commands (both in the command structure and physically). Someone needs to coordinate the various Corps in your army. I would also send reports to whatever civilian authority is appropriate, as a way of keeping higher informed, and to help establish the situation.

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