Games Change Lives

It sounds kind of silly.  Am I overstating this?  Supremacy is just a game right?  What difference can a game make.  That’s just kid stuff.

My little brother-in-law grew up in a bad neighborhood going to a bad school. It was a shame because he was a very smart kid surrounded by drugs and gangs. I showed and played Supremacy with him when he was about 12. He loved it!! It sounds silly to say but it truly transformed his life. I couldn’t get him out of the ghetto but Supremacy showed him that there are other things in life. Things like: business, profit, trading, millions of dollars trading hands, budgets, international political conflict. He learned good communication skills, negotiating, how to resolve conflicts and managing money.  How do you balance today’s needs with long term investment? Where else could he be exposed to these ideas and learn about them?  He certainly not in his school or community.


Mark stayed out of gangs and drugs. In spite of his background, he was inspired to go to college and build a career. I watched him grow up. He went on to get a bachelor’s in business. He built a career in management at UPS. He bought a home and started a family. Yes, I really do credit much of his success to Supremacy. It was his ‘gateway drug’ to success. It opened his eyes to possibilities he would not have otherwise seen.


Supremacy touched my life. It was huge to Mark. If you are a real fan, then it’s touched you also. Want to have a life changing impact on a kid?  Play Supremacy with them.



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