Identifying Unit Types

We started Pub Battles with cardboard counters.  We switched to blocks later for ease of use.  They are easier to grab and flip around.  We also loved the look once we saw it. 

We never really intended them to be used for hidden intelligence.  When the piece is spent you can see what it is.  You can also see what it is if it is facing away from you.  It can happen. 

Units could be spotted from about a mile out.  On a dry, clear day with dirt roads you could even identify the unit type (cav, inf, art) and size out further by the dust cloud shape formed by marching. 

Once on the field, I’m thinking you should be able to identify at least the unit type at a certain distance IF it can be spotted. 

Should we clarify this in the rules?  What exactly should the rule be?   What are your thoughts?



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