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One full set of Kriegsspiel Blocks,  77 pieces -1 color

Traditionally, Kriegsspiel pieces were made of wooden blocks.  This brand new block set is made for use with Reisswitz, Prussian Kriegsspiel rules.

They come in standard Prussian Kriegsspiel Blue and Red colors.  We will be adding new color schemes based on demand and orders. 

(Please allow 1 extra week for shipping on Kriegsspiel sets for custom assembly.)


  • Taller pieces make them easier to grab and move.
  • Pieces can be rotated to denote different unit status.
  • Pieces can be rotated to hide from opponent in a 2 player format.
  • Blank stickers allow you to write in your own custom unit designations.
  • Stickers can be easily peeled off, discarded and replaced for new battles.
  • This full set includes Jägers, Pioneers with Pontoon Wagon, lots of skirmisher blocks and all 4 types of cavalry.
  • Different weights of artillery included to distinguish between 6lb, 7lb and 12lb.
  • Full Logistical set included: 1 mile of baggage train blocks, 1/4 mile ammo columns, allows you to accurately account for location, traffic and road blockage.  

Tip:  Spray the stickers with a clear coat polyurethane after applying.  Then you can write unit designations or casualties hits on them with a water based, overhead projector pen (Vis-a-Vis).  

One Full Set Includes:

4 Cavalry Squadrons Cuirassiers

4 Cavalry Squadrons Hussars

4 Cavalry Squadrons Dragoons

4 Cavalry Squadrons Uhlans (Lancers)

20 Infantry Half Battalions

12 Infantry Skirmishers

2 Infantry Half Battalions Jägers

1 Infantry Battalion Pioneers

1 Pontoon Wagon

2 Artillery 6lb Half Batteries

1 Artillery 6lb Wagon

2 Artillery 7lb Half Batteries

1 Artillery 7lb Wagon

2 Artillery 12lb Half Batteries

2 Artillery 12lb Wagons

12 Baggage Train pieces

3 Ammunition Column pieces

Assembly Required:  Painted block set comes with sheets of stickers to apply.  

Real antique sets of Kriegsspiel blocks were wood but varied greatly in size and shape:

How do these blocks compare?

We designed these blocks to be compatible with the current Reisswitz system.  Our Half Battalion blocks are 1mm thinner than specs and 1 mm longer:  13mm x 6mm.  Given variance in map scales, this is negligible.  The cavalry blocks match exactly.    

For simplification, we have standardized all the infantry, artillery and skirmishers to the same Half Battalion block size.  So the artillery batteries will be about 2.5mm longer than specs.  Play testers preferred the bigger blocks for ease of use and reported no adverse affects from this in games.   

Spec pieces top row, our blocks bottom row.

Our thicker blocks make them easier to grab and move.  The blocks are a little higher but do accommodate the heaviest concentration:  Brigade Mass Formation


In practice, this formation is rarely used in battles.  All 3 types of pieces become a little unstable to move in this formation.   

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Kriegsspiel Red, Kriegsspiel Blue, French Blue, Austrian White, Prussian Grey, Russian Green, British Grey, British White, American Colonial, Confederate Grey, Federal Blue