Pub Battles Videos

We have several new videos out on Pub Battles, if you haven’t seen them yet. We’ve been very hesitant to do any because making good videos is very hard. Most wargame videos are like watching paint dry!

We’ve tried to keep most of these really short and to the point. Let us know how we did and if you want to see more. Watch our Youtube channel to see more coming out.

If you’re new to Pub Battles, here are some rules tutorials to get you up and running quickly. They can also be good to confirm you’re doing things right.


How to Play -Turns and Alter rolls

How to Move -Bombardment and Road Column

How to Resolve Combat

Beyond the Basics

How to Use Reserve Cards

How to Use Baggage Trains -Rules rundown with a demo of using them in a game.

How to Use Written Orders -Examples and how to use for Solitaire and Multi Player games.

Great Outside Demo

Pub Battles Demo

2 thoughts on “Pub Battles Videos”

  1. It’s a good idea. Like Dracula’s last stand’s video : very helpful for me. Not necessary to understand everything but to clarify the rules i have read.

  2. Your videos are very well done. No, they are not entertaining per se, but that is not their purpose. They create many “Aha!” moments for us trying to master a simple, yet completely new system. Thank you!

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