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Sticks & Chains

The sticks are expensive to make but the game should come with something to measure shouldn’t it?  We’ve been working on this and have found a good solution:   Chains. 

These are cheap enough that we can include them for FREE with each game.  Some people still prefer the sticks or compass.  That’s fine but they are optional.  We don’t have to make everybody pay for them.

I like the chains.  One advantage is that you can easily lay them out along roads to more accurately measure distance. 

They do require some assembly.  Put the gold in the center with the clasps.  Dark on the outsides.  Short gold with short dark.  Long gold with long dark.  If you did them right, they should line up with the measuring distances shown on the Terrain Effects chart. 


One thought on “Sticks & Chains

  1. Great idea!
    I love the look and feel of the sticks but I can see the chains as being more precise when moving along twisted roads

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