war room

Here you will find articles/discussions on strategy.  They are fun to read and offer valuable insights in to how the game works.  This is a VERY deep game strategically.  Don’t let the simple rules and play fool you.  There is much going on below the surface.  There are many ways to win and many skills and approaches to pulling off victory.

Do you have ideas and examples of strategies to win?  Write it up and send it to us!  We’d love to hear it.  We’ll post the best ones up here for everyone to enjoy and learn!

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 Aggression-  New player Strategy Tips

sword drawn

A Sword in it’s Sheath


China, the Next Nazi Germany?

Barack Obama


An Iranian Fateh (Victor) missile is launched during a test at an unknown location in central Iran

Attack First, Then Ask Questions




As If

Power Play

Strategy in the Cards

Strategy of Mother Russia

Strategy of the Rising Sun

The Game Starts Too Slow!