Tradable Bond Market?

The economy in Supremacy is remarkably realistic. Especially when compared to most other grand strategy games like Risk or Axis & Allies.  I got a very interesting email the other day about a (real life) banker’s reaction to Supremacy.  He was very excited about most of the things he saw.  He did express some concerns about how the Bonds and Loans work. 

This got me thinking….   Is there a way to make the Bonds and Loans tradable on the Market?  Ideally, you shouldn’t be able to take out loans, unless you can first find somebody willing to buy the bonds to back them.  Your payments should go directly to the Bond holding players. 

Another consideration is the rate of interest. With the Loan track, the interest starts out very low.  The deeper in debt you go, the more the interest rises. 

You have to be careful adding rules. Adding tons of complex rules to a game is easy.  How could we incorporate some of these forces into the game in a simple and sleek way that is consistent with the rest of the game design?  Any ideas out there?  Comment below or send me an email. 

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