2mm Miniature Gettysburg

This is my first miniature army! I know!! Time for show and tell. I’m using these directly on the map, in place of the standard Pub Battles blocks.

Buford’s Cavalry screens along McPherson’s Ridge. Heth’s Division comes down the pike and deploys along Herr’s Ridge. That is Hill’s HQ and the baggage train behind them.
Here comes Reynolds marching up the Emmitsburg Road. That’s Wadsworth in front, followed by Robinson and the baggage train.
This is how they compare to the regular Pub Battles blocks. Each unit is made up of 4 little, metal stands.
These are the next reinforcements coming in.
Titus ponders the implications of Rowley’s division entering on Heth’s right… Nah, he’s probably thinking about swiping them off the table.
This is Reynold’s Corps in blocks.
Buford in block equivalent. I’m surprised that Titus hasn’t taken out Rowley yet.
How do you know who is who? Each unit is made up of 4 stands. I use the Right most stand for ID. I painted the bottoms of the stands in white. Then I wrote the ID with a fine tipped Sharpie. So the left unit here would be the 3rd Division from III Corps. (In this case, it’s Heth’s left because the Reb Divs. are so big.) Hill is marked there with a III.
So they all look the same when they are standing up. This is good for FoW but is a bit more fussy. How do you track Spent status? I suppose you could flip them over but that doesn’t look good. Mark them with some kind of token / chit? If you track them on a separate OB sheet, you could also count additional step losses. -Kind of like in Kriegsspiel. I’m not sure if all that is worth the trouble.
Heth attacks and drives back Buford. Reynolds marches up to the Seminary.
Wadsworth, supported by Robinson attacks Heth on McPherson’s Ridge. Rowley marches in on his left. That’s Pender and the artillery coming around behind Heth.
Here comes Howard up the Emmitsburg Road. The baggage train moves off the road onto Cemetery Hill for now.
This is a view of the same situation from Titus’ angle.
What’s cool about these minis, is that they are scaled to Kriegsspiel! Each of those little stands equates to a standard KS block.
This is what the Cav and baggage train would look like in KS blocks.
This came out a little blurry but you can see how they all compare: minis, Kriegsspiel blocks, Pub Battles blocks.

You can get these minis at Irregular Miniatures. They are a great company. They have lots of great minis. They also make standard KS blocks in metal! Check them out.

6 thoughts on “2mm Miniature Gettysburg”

  1. This is absolutely phenomenal! A great way to mix up gameplay and keep the game looking fresh!

    Interesting to see how others take this and expand on it.

  2. These look great. I do wonder how they’d look mounted on a Pub Battles base. I know where I can order the correct size flat bases.

    I’m thinking you could use little pieces of red thread to show the “blooded” status of spent units.

    I’ll have to ask some mini afficianodos how they do it on 2mm units.

    • Well, the way I did it, it was. =) I’m probably doing it all wrong. ??

      I sprayed the underside with white glossy enamel.

      Then I hand painted the tops Blue or Grey with acrylic.

      Next I painted the flags red.

      Finally, a black wash to bring out the details and a matte clear coat to protect them.

      I did both sides from start to finish in 1 afternoon. 2-4 hours.

      I tried spray paint at first but it covered up lots of the detail and looked too shiny. Maybe if I special ordered a matte spray paint it could have worked better. ??

    • I have a set of metal Kriegsspiel blocks that I still haven’t painted. I try to do those soon. I’ll be curious to see how those work out.

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