Austrian Strategy for Marengo

1) You have a 4-1 advantage in artillery. The problem is going to be keeping it up near the front where they can do damage. In many ways, this is one of the biggest weapons of the French: Run! Run fast enough that the Austrian artillery can’t hit you. Starting out, you can deploy your artillery along the river. This does allow you to pound the French right from the get go. The down side is that it will take a turn or two to march them out to the roads and then cross. 

2) Don’t get cocky. Just because you outnumber the French, doesn’t meant this is going to be a cakewalk. Be wary. Especially after the French Cavalry and Guard show up. –Until then, advance as rapidly as possible and push as hard as you can. 

3) Just because the French Cavalry and Guard to show up, doesn’t mean you just sit back and go turtle. You must still attack and be aggressive. You just have to be more… selective. Keep a close eye on the French Cavalry and Guard. You should know where they are at all times. Notice where they are not. In places out of there range, you need to push with your usual zeal. In areas they can reach, be more careful. Always spend the extra time to dress your lines (Rally) before you attack. All of this assumes of course that the French Cav & Guard haven’t moved yet. If they have, then you can be a little more bold. Just keep in mind that they can move first next turn also. 

4) You are going to get ‘out timed’. That is not luck. That is a given. You have to assume the French will get the timing they want. Act accordingly. 

5) If most of your army ends up spent in the opening turns, that’s not a big deal. Late in the game you will want to tidy things up. Try to keep your units organized then. Spent units make easy targets for French charges.

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