Muslims Invade Europe to Slaughter Christians: The Board Game

Given current political events in Europe, does this game go too far?  Yes, Halloween is approaching.  It’s time for board games and vampires.  Dracula, Transylvania and Castles.  Yes, yes, yes!  Desperate Christians in Europe resorting to brutal terrorism to defend themselves against a massive invasion of Muslim armies intent on subjugating the insolent infidels.  Wait, what?

Impalements along the border

Yes, we are talking about Dracula.  The historical Dracula:   Vlad Tepes -The Impaler.  This Cooperative board game, now on Kickstarter, takes the historical approach to Dracula.  One Dracula player tries to defend Romania from 6 invading Muslim players.  Those odds are pretty bad.  Outnumbered 6:1, how can the Dracula player ever have a chance?

Dracula has the home field advantage.  There are Castle Sieges, fierce battles and difficult mountainous terrain.  Dracula is a better leader and has a better army.  If that is not enough, he can always resort to Impaling people. 

Yes, Dracula can Impale the Muslim invaders.  Dracula can Impale the dead and even his own people, just like the historical Dracula did.  I’ve always found the historical Dracula much more horrific and scary than any Hollywood movie.  These were brutal times.  The blood soaked deeds are unfathomable.

It often feels like our world is full of growing division, tension and violence.  Had this come out in the 80s or 90s, hardly anyone would have batted an eye.  The history being so far removed, this game would have been received as pure fantasy. 

Today, it doesn’t feel like fantasy.  It has a very uncomfortable, ‘modern’ feel.  Maybe this is what we find so disturbing.  It’s not so much about the game and the past.  It’s about the future.  Is this where we are headed?  A dark and brutal future where the West fights with Islam over the control of Europe?  All roads seem pointed in this direction now.  Is there anything anybody can do to stop it? 

Therein lies the real horror.    

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