New Supremacy Pieces

The all new expansions are almost ready for release!  Our first Print Run has been sold out for awhile now.  We thought this would make a great time to re-tool and update to keep everything consistent.

We have samples of the new pieces now.  We are expecting our first shipment of new pieces this week, so Supremacy will be back!

Here is the first Sneak Peak of the all new pieces:



We tried to match to the existing colors as best we could.  They are very close.

The armies are the same design but much bigger.  They are thicker and much easier to grab.  The edges are now smooth so they stand up easily.

We liked how one side is flat and smooth while the other is convex.  It is a subtle difference.  This will allow for possible advanced / optional rules later.  It essentially makes the pieces double sided, so you could designate multiple strength steps, Fresh/Spent, out of fuel status, etc.

They are sized to easily accommodate stickers also!  Since they stand up, we could have hidden rotating strength, HQs, Paratroops, etc.  I don’t know if Supremacy is meant for all those things but it’s nice to have options later.

The new Navies are patterned after the Zumwalt destroyer silhouette:

And yes, the new Armies stack neatly on the Navies for sea transport.

These are some of the new expansion pieces:  Carriers, Fighters, MBTs, Stealth Bombers.  We tried to keep them all together in a consistent Supremacy style:  sleek, minimalist, mod.  This is what many people prefer.

There is another crowd out there though…   The one that wants Minis!!!

Don’t worry, those are just around the corner.  We wanted to get the basic expansion rule sets out their first.  Over the next several months we are going to be working on production molds for A&A style minis to replace these basic pieces, for those that want them.  If all goes well, we should have those out by this summer.







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