Philadelphia Campaign

We are going to consolidate Brandywine, Monmouth and the new Germantown into one Campaign set.  

Brandywine will be the main game that includes the blocks for all the battles.  Monmouth and the new Germantown scenarios will be like the Waterloo expansions:  Ligny, Quatre Bras and Wavre.  They will just be maps and scenarios.  No blocks.  This will make them much cheaper and lower the average cost of the battles!

If you have the old Brandywine, no worries. We will send you an update kit for FREE with another order. We will list these on our products page when ready.

6 thoughts on “Philadelphia Campaign”

  1. This is exciting! Couple of questions: should we await the listing before making any order? And can we get more info on Germantown?

    • The Update Kit and Monmouth are ready now.

      Germantown is ready. We just need to finish the map graphics and finalize. Should be soon!

    • Well let’s see. We’ve got about 3 different map types and scales now. It seems like the hardest part in design is selecting and deciding what the game should be!

      Should it be hex or area movement? Should it be mini style movement on a real map, like Pub Battles? Now that I think of this, I’m thinking it should be mini style movement. I don’t think there are any games that do that. At least none that I’ve seen. Better to break ground into new design areas right?

      Thinking on this further, if we do mini type movement, that answers and locks in our scale also. There is only 1 scale that works well for that: 64,000:1. We’ve got pieces, a scale and movement type. Where does that leave us? The command / turn type structure.

      We have 3 different competing turn / order systems. We’re not sure which direction to take this.

      1. Two player game with a brilliant simultaneous order / movement system. Very foxy and poker feeling. You have to pre plan your orders for the next day in advance. As everybody starts moving, you’re not really sure where and how the armies will clash. Very tricky and fun but I think this will be hard to pull off solo. I don’t think it is well suited to multi-player either. :/ Which would be a shame because the map, scale, pieces and subject are all perfectly suited to multi-player.
      2. What is? The Pub Battles chit pull type engine. That same system works well for campaigns. Is that all this is? A bigger scaled, zoomed out version of Pub Battles? Seems like this should be something different and new. ??
      3. Another option here is to turn this into a new, modernized Kriegsspiel system. The scale and scope is perfect for that. We could make the combat and movement simple and easy. Explain in detail how you are actually supposed to run the game. This could be very cool but would require at least 3 players.

      I wonder if there is a way to do all 3 of these at once? Not like the 70s AH Gettysburg. That was a confusing, branding disaster. Lots of great content there but nobody knew what the game really was then!

      Hmmmm….. If we can get this part sorted out, I think it will come together fairly quickly then. We just aren’t sure what we are making. ??

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