BRIC vs NATO: WW III Flashpoint Ukraine


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Get the #1 Rated Game on the current War in Ukraine!


Will the West continue to stand together?  Will China invade Taiwan while NATO is distracted in Ukraine?  Can weapons to Ukraine and sanctions be enough to bankrupt Russia into submission?  What if NATO gave nukes to Ukraine?  Can you negotiate and broker a peace deal or will this escalate into nuclear Armageddon?

Supremacy 2021 models the current war in Ukraine better than any other game out there!  Only Supremacy accounts for the global economy, international trade & finance, strategic resources and the logistical aspects of conflict as well as nuclear!  Threatening a nuclear strike in a game doesn’t really mean anything if there is no way to fight a nuclear war.

Note: This is not a stand alone game.
To play this, you must have Supremacy 2021.

This expansion adds Minor Power forces to your game. You must now fight to conquer them. Make money by selling them weapons but how powerful do you want them to be?



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