Supremacy 2020 Resource Deck 2


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Replacement deck 2 for the original 2020 edition.  Get these while they are still available!


Note to Backers and Pre Orders:   Your early versions of Supremacy 2020 came with this deck included for FREE.  You should already have these same cards.


Expansion Deck for Supremacy 2020

This expansion 50 card resource deck doubles your  strategic options by adding new resource companies in new areas.

  • Enhances Re-playability:  Creates a lot more variance in games.  It increases the chance that you could start with all of one resource or none of it.  Every game will be very different from the start, forcing you to adapt your strategy to the strategic situation.
  • Increases Research Variance:  It includes an extra set of research cards.  While keeping the odds the same overall, it greatly increases short term variance.  A bad shuffle could easily make getting ICBMs unaffordable;  this turn.

But most importantly it –

  • Greatly Increases Tension:  Adding the second deck creates many hot spots:  areas that have more than 1 card.  This immediately triggers conflicts and tension between players as they often pull cards in the same area but only 1 player can control it, leaving the other vulnerable to seizure.  Even players that plan on staying peaceful, will quickly get drawn into hostilities!


They also include a few extra ‘blank’ cards that you can write in your own custom resources on!



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