Kriegsspiel Scenario: Bunker Hill


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This Kriegsspiel Scenario Kit allows you to fight the historical battle of Bunker Hill from the American Revolution.  It is designed for use with the Prussian Army, Reisswitz Kriegsspiel rules –not included, but you CAN also play this with Pub Battles rules, with the Battalion Scale adaptation -included.  

Battle:  The Colonials have moved a force out onto the Charlestown Peninsula and are shelling British occupied Boston.  The British must drive them back but first, they have to cross the harbor.  

This small engagement is a great scenario to play if you don’t have much time.  It does require some extra complications of naval transport, bombardment and landing.  

Players:  1-2 Colonial players, 1-2 British players and 1 Umpire. 


Components List

  • Umpire’s Guide for running the battle.
  • Detailed OB to record losses.
  • Initial Operation Orders.
  • Debriefing Questions -great for AAR discussion or classroom assignments.  
  • Map: 12″ x 12″  (tiny)  Scale:  8,000:1
  • Pub Battles Rules with Battalion Scale adaptation.
  • Optional Hardwood Kriegsspiel blocks with custom stickers.  Get the No Block Version and save by reusing Standard Kriegsspiel Blocks for all of your battles. 

Some Assembly Required

Does NOT include Kriegsspiel rules.  You can get the official Kriegsspiel rule set from Too Fat Lardies.

Does NOT include dice or measuring device.  



Additional information

Set Options

Paper Map, No Blocks, Canvas Map, No Blocks, Paper Map, Canvas Map


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