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Speed up play with old school Kriegsspiel technology:  Customized dice!

No need to add up modifiers and determine the number of hits for each roll.  Just grab the right die and roll: 

  • Bad Effect
  • Normal
  • Good Effect

This takes all the ‘work’ out of the game and allows you to focus on strategy and play.  Like you should be doing!

Classic Set Includes

  • 4 Custom dice in classic Kriegsspiel design.  
  • 1 Deluxe Black Turn Die.
  • Instructions.

Custom Army Sets Include

  • 3 dice with custom colors and flags for popular armies.
  • Instructions

Assembly required -You must apply the stickers.


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Classic, Napoleonic French, Napoleonic British, Napoleonic Prussian, Napoleonic Austrian, Napleonic Russian, Colonial British, Colonial Rebels, Confederate, Federal, Rome, Carthage