Supremacy Pieces

We got some new test pieces in today for Supremacy.  What do you guys think?




We are torn on the colors.  The Bomber and SLBM colors are darker.  We like these because the contrast with the map better. 

The MBT and Sub colors match the existing pieces better. 

Which would you rather have? 

5 thoughts on “Supremacy Pieces”

  1. Match exsisting colors. High contrast is always desirable, however I beleive matching the exsisting color spectrum provides a mkre pleasant visual effect.

    • Yes. Rough draft is finished on all of them. They just need a little polishing. We are hoping to have them ready by next week!

  2. 5hinking about trying your PnP version of supremacy 2020. Are you guys going to put the rules for these new units in a, or the PnP. I’m a miniatures collector myself. So even though your pieces are pretty, I don’t got much need for them. But i’d buy the rule book for sure

    • Once we get the minis out and the dust settles some, we are talking about putting together a combined, (advanced) rule book. This would put all the expansions into one place that is easy to track. I think we want to get the Unconventional Warfare expansion out first also. That should be the last one for awhile.

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