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Supremacy Terrain

This is just a graphics test.  We’d like to get some feedback before we continue down this road. 

What do you guys think?  Too busy?  Too cluttered?  Look good?  Love, like, hate?


Let us know in comments below. 

We have rules for weather zones as well.  I’m afraid if we super impose weather over the top of this, it would really get confusing.  Any ideas?

By the way, we made some major breakthroughs finally on the Cyber Deck / Unconventional War expansion yesterday.  The rough draft rules should be finished today.  I expect this Expansion will be done and released soon!  

As it turns out, this was also the last piece we needed to make the 80’s Cold War edition work right.  I’m expecting this to be done and released soon as well.  Right now, we are seeing this as an expansion map and scenario.  We think the same deck and pieces will work, so you won’t have to buy a whole new game to get a whole new game.  That’s always nice.  =)



2 thoughts on “Supremacy Terrain

  1. Hmmm… too busy. Maybe a shading or a more subtle texture instead of white outlines?

    Can’t wait for the Cyber/Unconventional expansion! AND a complete rulebook update with all the expansions.

  2. I am not a fan I find that it adds a clutter to the map. Terrain plays a minimal role in the game with the exception of the thick black line preventing movement. A clean map would be my vote.

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